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Buzzword bingo. Overused or misused words and phrases - part 4

It's back. It may be 2022 but there's still plenty more buzzword bingo to play. Eyes down and dabbers at the ready.

On your radar

Definition: Be aware of important information.

Problem: It’s another overly used term which can get misunderstood as it could mean ‘get to know’ or ‘you deal with it’. It’s passive and halfhearted – it doesn’t demand real action. Someone can have it on their radar but not do anything about it. Being aware of a torpedo approaching is useless unless you take that information and actively avoid or defend against it.

Alternative: Be specific. Are you delegating a specific task to someone or simply raising awareness.

Example: Make sure the 2022 regulation update is on your radar.

Suggested edit: The 2022 regulation update will be live in September, please research the changes and inform the team what the impact will be and what we need to comply.


Definition: Strong, healthy, solid.

Problem: Overused. Vague and overly simple. Often used in relation to strategy, finance or marketing.

Alternative: Be specific – demonstrate the strength.

Example: Our marketing model is robust.

Suggested edit: Our marketing model combines comprehensive audience research, regular review and development, and current trends.


Definition: Each way you interact with your customers or audience. This can be any type of communication method; web, phone, email, social media, face to face etc.

Problem: Albeit a succinct term, it’s sometimes too vague and all-encompassing.

Alternative: Be specific if required.

Examples: She used our web touchpoint. We have many touchpoints.

Suggested edits: She contacted us via online chat. We have many touchpoints, including…

In the next few posts in this series, I'll share some lazy or boring words and phrases. Nevertheless, I'll offer tips and ideas to help you avoid them and keep your writing on the right lines. Keep your eyes peeled.

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