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How much do I charge?

My standard copywriting day rate is £280.

I also have a retainer day rate of £240 - discounted because you’ll be paying upfront each month to secure my time.

How does that compare to standard copywriting prices?

Copywriters all have different approaches, overheads, skills and productivity. But to give you an idea, the ProCopywriters 2023 survey revealed the average freelance copywriter day rate is £433, but it varies by experience and location.

Interestingly, the East Midlands reported the second lowest average rate in the 2021 report (£308 compared to £470 in London). The latest survey unfortunately doesn't split out regional price variations.


How much do typical copywriting projects cost?

  • 4 x social media posts (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook) with relevant hashtags (depending on word count) = £140 to £280Web page = £140 to £280

  • Blog article from a defined brief and sources (800-1,000 words) = £350 to £420

  • ​Thought leadership article with added research and references (1,000-1,200 words) = £420 to £700

  • Sales email or direct mail = £140 to £280

  • E-newsletter (1,000 words) = £350 to £420

  • 6,000-word white paper with extensive research, referencing, planning, revisions and final proofread = £2,240 to £2,800

All prices include briefing, writing, proofreading and at least one set of amends.


My process

  1. Briefing You supply your own, we fill mine out together, or we chat through things on the phone. If I’ve filled out a brief or we edit yours, I’ll send you a version for approval.

  2. Outline For blogs, case studies or longer copy, I’ll provide notes and a very rough outline for approval, based on the agreed brief. Once you’re happy with that, I’ll get cracking writing the whole thing.

  3. Writing I’ll tap away behind closed doors and once I’m happy, I’ll send you a first draft to review. I won’t share the tortured behind-the-scenes process, but will add some notes or explanations.

  4. Amends and approval In an ideal world, you’re blown away with the copy and the job’s complete. However, we all know it’s not an ideal world. I always include one set of amends (sometimes more and I’ll detail these in your estimates). It’s my business to get things right for you - your satisfaction is my payday. If you need a rewrite, we’ll have a chat, but this rarely happens because I make sure everyone’s happy with the brief before I start. There’s sometimes nuanced tone of voice, language or personal preferences which I’ll learn the more we work together.

Fill in the form below or drop me an email about what you need. If I'm not quite right or don't have capacity, fear not, I know plenty of excellent copywriters I can recommend.

Get a quote

Drop me an email about your job and I'll give you an estimate. For copywriting jobs please detail the word count, deadline and any specific style you want.

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