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The pen scratched...

The pen scratched along the paper furiously, tirelessly trying to keep up with the ears and brain. Neurons firing, heart rate increasing, ideas birthing. His words, the feelings, the stories washed over her and her skin greedily drank them in. They pooled deep inside and formed dark creatures lying in wait to be unleashed.

Days passed as the creatures tussled against the reeds, shallows preventing their growth. Until one day, she tentatively breached the dam and allowed a trickle out. She chewed the inside of her cheek as she watched the smallest creature cautiously explore the dry savannah and once it sensed and relaxed into the expanse; it burst into life, spreading its warmth, light and liquid nectar.

Deep underwater looking up to a dark, stormy surface with the smallest hint of ultramarine light shining through. Image credit: Jeremy Bishop

That was the situation a few months ago when I attended a ProCopywriters' workshop with Tim Tucker about the power of narrative. As a B2B specialist, I was sceptical about how I could use the technique, but thanks to Tim's experience and examples, he emboldened me to try it. And I did. And it worked!

❤️ I loved writing it (a blog piece about project management in construction).

❤️ The client loved it.

❤️ The target audience loved it and engaged with it.

❤️ Since then I've woven in more narrative for more clients and the reception has been extremely positive.

So, try it yourself. Add a bit of narrative where you can - even if you're B2B.

Show, don't tell.

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