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Are you waving or drowning?

Marketing is tough. So many companies, managers and executives are struggling to get their message out, find the right employees, optimise shrinking budgets and get stuff done. Many aren't waving but drowning. But there's hope. Marketing support to the rescue.

An AfroCarribbean boy swims in crystal green waters with palm trees in the background. Water laps the camera lens as his head bobs above the water and he scrunches his face and eyes upwards towards a blue sky.

I'm in the privileged position to make an immediate difference! And there are many more freelancers with all sorts of skills who can lend a hand for short-term benefits.

For me, it's not just about doing the job, fulfilling the brief, it's:

👉 making things easier

👉 easing the pressure

👉 giving you space for focus

👉 freeing you up to use your skills for the right task

By gosh, I love it!

And, by the looks of the latest comments in my inbox, my newest client is joining my small but valued fan club (cue blushing). 😊😊😊

Client delight: "Thank you - loving how you are supporting me!" Marketing Manager

Client delight: "Thanks so much - I'm delighted with how you've jumped on board and geared up - excellent!!!" Marketing Manager

I'm not sure whether I can do this because I'm a freelancer, ex-agency, service driven or because I've been riding this merry-go-round for a while. But, I'll continue supporting, gearing up and helping out where I can. Please lend a hand and check to see if your colleagues, connections or friends are waving or drowning 👋 ❤️

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