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Getting to the point

To stand out in overflowing inboxes, emails have to get to the point - especially in B2B. Time is money after all. Here's an example where PolicyBee get it right. *Short and clear messaging. *Refreshing tone - No corporate waffle. *Clear, focused structure. *Simple graphics to make the important info even more scannable. The product was competitive, but this just sealed the deal. 🚨 📢 New customer incoming.

Image shows a PolicyBee email with the following copy: Hello Hannah You can get your professional insurance from just anyone. Which is exactly why you shouldn't. Instead, go to an expert broker that spoils you with service like this: (Graphic of a lightbulb) Always on Buy your cover when you like. (Pointing finger graphic) Poke us, we're real No call centre = no hanging around. (Graphic of a dictionary) Au revoir, language barrier Plain English not plain confusing. (Graphic of a crossed out pound sign) No admin charges Change what you like, when you like. (Graphic of Q and A in separate speech bubbles) Friendly, expert advice Everything you need and nothing you don't. The result is happy customers. Lots of them. Given the choice, wouldn't you rather be one?

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