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Damn you autocorrect

Wooden Scrabble tiles spell out Choose your words. Credit Brett Jordan, Unsplash

I have a love/hate relationship with autocorrect and AI typing software. It often helps make sense of less than nimble fingers. And I love other people's examples of misfortune.

But, as I regularly write emails and social media posts using my mobile or tablet, there are some bizarre suggestions it spews out and even more pitfalls to keep an eye on.

To start, my own name has been a victim of technological trip-ups. Variations have included:




Hanaha (generally my fingers failing me on a keyboard).

Other examples I've had the shock or honour of experiencing in a work setting:

A client name used to autocorrect to Sniper.

I've been 'busty' on occasion instead of 'busy'.

King thoughts instead of Kind thoughts.

Vertabrae instead of between (really!?)

Mandate instead of manage. "We will keenly mandate the sustained use of harsh chemicals..."

Canal adventures advertising was shared with a crucial missing 'c'.

Have you had any embarrassing autocorrect experiences?

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