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Let me tell you a secret...

Everyone worries about money.

Those who have lots of money want to protect it and make the most of it, while living their best life.

Those who don’t have lots of money want to protect it and make the most of it, while trying to survive the best they can.

As a business owner and a mum, I’m even more aware of money and the ever-increasing quality it has of disappearing. But it doesn’t stop there.

My friends and family cover a small sample of the population.

  • Post-war baby boomers, with good pensions, paid mortgages and financial protection.

  • Public sector workers with (fairly) secure careers, regular incomes, large mortgages and children.

  • Private, business owners working all hours to meet the ever-increasing demands.

  • Young, new, parents in rental accommodation, desperate to get on the property ladder and insecure jobs.

  • University graduates with bags of potential and debt but disillusioned by the lack of suitable roles, living with parents, working in temporary or part-time jobs to gain ‘experience’.

  • School leavers in apprenticeships, making a name for themselves and disproving the lazy and entitles stereotypes.

All are now worried about money.

The perfect storm appears to have arrived, and regardless of your political leanings there are several contributing factors: recession, inflation, Brexit, Covid, global supply chain issues, increasing fuel and energy costs, increased personal overheads because of working from home… the list goes on.

In the last six months, I’ve had more conversations about money than ever before. I don’t mean talking with my accountant, or clients, or in a business setting. I mean conversations with people I wouldn’t previously have talked about something so personal – new friends, networking groups, even the in-laws! The taboo is being broken, worries are becoming whispers, whispers are becoming stronger and making waves.

Through these conversations, my own financial worries are easing. It’s strangely reassuring that we’re all having these thoughts, struggles and niggling doubts. I’m grateful to have a support network I can turn to, to discuss these things. I’m grateful to have a fledgling business which is flexible and showing signs of hope.

By talking and sharing, my anxiety has turned into action. I’ve been given some brilliant advice and found tools and tricks to help manage my money, my business, and my worries. But, maybe more importantly (if cornily), I’ve learned that we’re all in it together.

I can’t control inflation or rising fuel prices, but I’m going to do everything I can to protect what I have and live the best way I can. And I’m doing it, not just for me, but for my corner of the world – sharing and giving back where and when I can, and making more choices which reduce the impact on my wallet and my world.

So, share your worries, start those conversations – however awkward they might feel, they will help. Ask for support, get ideas from other people, help where you can.

Let me share some more secrets to help (some links contain referral discounts too):

  • Snoop – a money management app which looks out for saving opportunities. In the last 2 months, it’s allowed me to save over £300!

  • Money Saving Expert – the wonderful Martin Lewis and his team with up-to-date information about all things financial.

  • Shopmium – a shopping app that collates supermarket coupons and discounts.

  • Easy Fundraising – a browser extension and website which collects FREE donations on your regular shops for your chosen charity.

  • The Beagle Button – a browser extension which sources alternative sustainable products when you search.

  • Honey – a browser extension which automatically finds and tests voucher codes when you shop.

  • Smol – eco-friendly dishwashing, laundry and cleaning products at a fraction of the price.

  • Koh – eco-certified all-in-one surface cleaner. A little goes a very long way, saving ££s.

  • Wild – sustainable and natural deodorants with discounted subscription offers.

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