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Website copywriting and marketing support

iAbacus is an online, self-evaluation tool originally created for schools and education providers but is now being used in other sectors.

I've worked with the small, dedicated team for some time now. They've got bags of passion but not enough time. I develop copy and offer marketing advice, allowing them to focus their skills on sales and customer service. The team wanted to move away from education and target other potential business users, so wholesale copy changes were needed.

I adapted a lot of the sales materials (which focused on education) to work across other sectors. I proofread and edited their new website. And I've written a variety of emails, web articles and landing pages.

The most involved project was developing the iAbacus story - a long-copy piece explaining the genus, growth and impact of the software. My copywriting skills were employed as well as marketing consultancy, advising and discussing various messaging, language and strategy. The first draft got this resounding feedback: "It's brill and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it earlier today."

You can read the full story here.

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